Monday, June 2, 2014

We do still have human beings in Syria to take care of

When I was invited to the Netherlands by IKV-PaxChristi last September, I was shocked by the reaction of people I encountered everywhere. Most of them considered what is happening in Syria to be more complicated for them to get involved in any way, even on the humanitarian level. Actually a friend of mine working in a humanitarian organization told me later on that his organization, which is based in the UK, managed to raise more money in 10 days for the Philippines than they could raise in an entire year for Syria. It took me only few discussions to realize that this was somehow due to the fact that the ordinary european citizen is getting most of his information about Syria from the mainstream media, which is more concerned about the news of battles and Jihadis than of those of the Syrian people and its daily struggle to survive.

I told my dutch friends then that I will try to write on my blog a different story about Syria every two weeks. Unfortunately, once I came back to Lebanon I was taken by the fast rhythm of my life and totally forgot about it. Actually I forgot about it until this afternoon when I saw a Facebook post by my friend Hania. She was talking about her daily positive contact, through her work as a journalist, with the good people of Syria who are still holding on to their non-sectarian principles. I wrote a comment saying that: "we need this kind of stories about Syria to be present more often in the western media. People in the west seems to have forgotten that we do still have human beings in this part of the world not just a bunch of murderers killing each others". I thought then that I should start with myself, So this is today's story about Judy and Jana...

I met this twin a year ago when their mother "Siham" asked for our help for a patient coming from