Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good morning democracy... good morning Syrian elections!

How bad is it to wake up on such a morning when social media is buzzing with western journalists thrill over the crowds at the Syrian embassy in Lebanon, waiting to vote in the presidential elections?!

As if most of Syrians in Lebanon are really giving a damn about the elections, while their most essential concern is SURVIVAL!

I don't think those who have been living under tents for the last two years do actually care about the elections, or do even care anymore about who would end up wining the ongoing struggle in Syria. Most of them are just longing for an end to the humiliation they have been through since they were forced to seek safety out of their houses and natural environment.

I even bet that most of those who are at the embassy willingly, without being pushed and threatened to do so by Assad's lebanese allies, are wishing if the paper they are going to drop can cast a spell in wish they can go back in time to what they had before, where they enjoyed the minimum requirements for a life of dignity (as much as possible under a totalitarian regime). And yes most of them are unfortunately ready to forget about freedom, regime change, or even political reforms in return to some of the stability they are missing.

If this thrill is showing anything at all, it shows how the west in general has failed us! They are just thrilled over new scenes of humiliation. It also shows how most of those correspondents aren't really aware of how deeply fear is rooted in Syrian's sub-consciousness, especially for those who believe that the battle of the people is already lost, and are already looking for an exit strategy in which they can go back home with the minimum amount of retaliation. Not to mention of course the fear of the blackmail and extortion mechanism that can be used against them in similar occasions, such as the obstruction of your official documents if you have no proof of vote, etc..

No sane person would think that one center is enough for the 1.5 million of Syrians who are living in Lebanon to participate in this pretended democratic manifestation. The crowd is intended to be as big as possible just for the purpose of propaganda! And I don't mean with it a propaganda aimed at the western public opinion, not at all. It is rather aimed at the Syrians themselves, its objective is to tell them very clearly that nothing has changed at all during the last three years and the regime is able to drag you and humiliate you in such a public shows because you still need him.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

From Beirut to Aleppo, few meditations and lot of sorrows...

a scene from Beirut. (my lens- winter 2014)

One of my greatest joys in Beirut is those small surprises I come through while taking an unplanned walk into its streets. It often happens that a similar scene stops me for a few minutes of meditation... and sorrow!

I call those buildings "The War Survivors". It amazes me to see few old buildings still holding on after