Monday, September 9, 2013

A letter to an American friend about the CW attack in Syria

      Few days ago I received a letter from an American priest, a friend of mine who lives in Egypt for many years now asking me about the situation in Syria and the possibility that the Chemical Weapons attack was conducted by a radical Islamic group. After replying him I thought of publishing the two letters on my blog, as it has been a while since I wrote anything at all. So here you have it after some editing.

      The US is so divided on what to do if anything in Syria from "the person in the street, to the US Congress, to Obama and his Cabinet. A US journalist I studied Arabic with 20 years ago who has covered Iraq and I are afraid that it may be radical, rival opposition groups doing this to each other and to Syrians to bring the US into it as a way of getting military aid to bring Assad down. Would this be possible?
      These groups have much more to gain by using chemical weapons than Assad and the military. Assad and the military have all the conventional weapons they need to destroy and kill without using chemical weapons that would bring the US into this. Seriously, many of us do not know whether to support or oppose Obama.
      After the last two years in Egypt, allowing Islamic political parties the chance to govern Egypt, it was a disaster and most of us are happy that the military threw them out so long as there is a chance to elect a better government.
      Seriously, I would really like your view on what is happening in Syria and what you think Obama and the US should do. I am old enough to remember the Hungarian Revolt of 1956 when Eisenhower promised to back the rebels, only to do nothing. The revolt died and the Soviet Union controlled Hungary for another 35 years. God be with you and Syria. Doug

      My answer:
      Hi Doug, You are basing the analysis of the possibility of the radical islamist using chemical weapon to convoke military intervention on some false assumptions in my humble opinion:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Don't cry my Syria

A friend, a Portuguese journalist called me yesterday to ask about what happened in Aleppo University. I said that there is a lot of testimonies confirming the view of a jet fighter throwing 2 missiles or barrels. He asked, "But why would the regime shell the university? it is illogical?"

I didn't know what to say. Yes it is illogical but who knows what kind of sick thinking is behind it?

Bellow is a video of our Syrian soldiers who were supposed to protect us, dragging a citizen, a naked one, on the asphalt, beating him and kicking him on the head repeatedly. He was begging them to let him see his children and wife before killing him. And one of our supposedly soldiers was telling him "I would do it only if you let me fuck your wife". 

Yes my dear friend the sick mentality that turned our own soldiers and protectors into a merciless torturing machine, a machine that was for months mastering the art of humiliation of ordinary Syrians, cannot be predicted! it is able to burn Syria with all its citizens alive!

Back in the eighties where soldiers didn't have mobile phones to document their atrocities and brag about them, we were unable to believe what people of Hama used to tell us about the deeds of the army in their city. We were unable to believe the horrible stories about the famous prisons of Tadmor and Mazzeh and the systematic tortures conducted there on a daily bases. Unfortunately nowadays even with all those footages that document horrific details of the systematic humiliation of our people, we find among us persons who want believe what they see and worse they are going to willingly justify those barbaric acts.

Don't cry my dear Syria when some of your sons humiliate you and drag you like this, because one day you will rise from the ashes to tell us stories about the wonderful deeds of the other great sons you are proud of.