Sunday, January 10, 2010

Discovering the Algerian Sahara

It was really a wonderful experience the one I lived some days ago in the Algerian Sahara.

Although I usually can't support high temperatures, I felt in love with desert and Saharaian world after reading a novel called "Tuareg" by the Spanish novelist “Alberto Vazquez-Figueroa”. His description of desert, Tuareg's life and means to survive thirst, drought and sandstorms made me stunned and eager to discover this strange and wonderful world.
So, I had a good opportunity to make this exploration during the scholar vacation in Algeria. it is the best time of year where the saharian weather is the most suitable for me.

It is true that we, in Syria, have big deserted areas, but it is very different from the Algerian desert. It was my first time to see sand dunes. It was very impressive encounter! I was speechless, I took many many photos of the wonderful sand waves and waited a long time to see the effect of sun lightning variation on the sand’s colors…

On the other hand, it was amazing to see the difference in sand’s colors in different region as in Tougourt and Ouargla.

DSC07074-3 DSC07268-1

One of my unforgettable moments was the ones I spent in watching the tip of dunes and see the sand volatilize with the soft air wafts. It reminded me of us, human beings, how light we are in universal criterion.

The beauty of this saharian trip wasn’t confined on the amazing landscape, it was also a good occasion to see the saharian people. We were lucky to see accidently a wedding celebration for men in Temassine village.
The men of the groom’s family were gathered at the village’s square with a traditional music band and a group of cavaliers.


They played around the groom who invited all other men to dance with him, then the cavaliers offered the audience a battle simulation


Those were some of my saharian impressions.
Until the next blog i would like to keep you with this set of Algerian photos on my flickr account,


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